What is GW 501516?

GW 501516 is a commonly researched chemical because of the results it produces in laboratory settings using animal test subjects. Studies have shown GW 501516 to reduce fat, increase endurance, and lower cholesterol of test subjects with no negative side effects documented.


GW 501516 is a PPARδ Modulator

There has already been extensive scientific research using animal test subjects conducted on GW 501516, and the research continues because of the positive results seen through testing so far. The research chemical acts like a PPARδ modulator during testing. It also goes by the names GW1516 or GSK-516. When given to animal test subjects, research shows that GW 501516 activates the AMP-activated protein kinase which in turn stimulates the glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue. The result of increased glucose uptake is an improvement of metabolism activity for obese lab rates with metabolic dysfunction.
Testing results have also shown scientists that the effects of GW 501516 take place in the animal test subjects almost immediately. They experience physical responses with increased fat metabolism and increased endurance. It is estimated that GW 501516 has a half-life of sixteen hours.


Potential Health Benefits of GW 501516 as Seen in Testing

Researchers and scientists study compounds like GW 501516 in an effort to find out potential uses of the chemicals to improve human health. If the research chemicals make it through clinical testing and eventually get FDA approval, they are later used for medical purposes and distributed by doctors via prescription or at times, made available as an over-the-counter drug. The only way a medical chemical makes it to an approved drug is through rigorous testing on animal test subjects.

Animal testing of GW 501516 so far have determined that this particular peptide stimulates the same metabolic pathways as physical exercise and exertion does, resulting in the same physical side effects experienced with exercise including increased endurance and reduced fat. Both of these physical results lead to reducing bad cholesterol in the body, increasing good cholesterol levels, improving insulin sensitivity, and decreasing the risks for cardiovascular disease.


Side Effects Determined During Testing

All research chemicals undergo testing to determine not only the potential benefits of the compounds but also what kind of side effects the peptide could produce. The FDA would not want to approve a substance as a drug that offers health benefits if the side effects are unsafe.

In some studies, GW 501516 side effects experienced by animal test subject included an increase in toxicities in long term studies that seem to have caused rapid cancer grown in lab rat’s vital organs and tissue. Not all studies experienced the same result of increased toxicities.


Where to Buy GW 501516

If you’re a researcher or scientist looking to conduct your own studies, you can buy GW 501516 from reputable peptide research chemical suppliers. Look for 99% or better purity levels to ensure it has the quality required for reliable, accurate, and safe research results.

When conducting your research always wear suitable protective clothing and gloves to ensure the accuracy of your results. Contaminates from your clothing or body could adjust the results – and because GW 501516 could cause potentially, unknown negative side effects, you want to protect yourself from spills, inhalation, or ingestion as well.

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