What is RAD-140?

RAD-140, also known as testolone, is a therapeutic compound that has the ability to select the androgen receptor AR for signaling. What that means they are selective and provide the benefits of a common hormone such as testosterone, but without influencing the estrogenic processes in the body.

RAD-140 is use used to improve muscle mass and bone density in those who suffer from muscle wasting as the result of extensive illnesses and aging.


History of RAD-140

RAD-140 is a relatively new SARM in the market. It was first discovered by chemists at Radius Health in 2010. Early research to study the benefits of RAD-140 was first performed on monkeys and rats. Results showed RAD-140 is safe, highly tolerable, and effective for treating conditions that cause muscle loss.


How is RAD-140 Different Than Testosterone

The most distinct feature of RAD-140 is its selective properties. As stated before, it can provide the benefits of testosterone, such as increased muscle mass, improved sexual function and development, and improved mood, but testosterone requires large doses and can influence the estrogen in the body.

Testosterone therapy is an injectable, topical, or patch therapy that has been used to treat men with low testosterone levels. Symptoms of low testosterone in include:

  • Sexual dysfunction and low libido
  • Shrinking muscles and bone density
  • Possible increased visceral fat
  • Memory trouble and depression
  • Increased risk for cardiovascular disease[1]


The problem with testosterone therapies is that they can be dangerous because of the high doses required to improve muscle wasting conditions and age-related concerns. Too much testosterone has been linked to breast tissue in men, shrinking testes, anxiety and agitation, increased risk for heart attack in men with heart conditions, skin irritation, body acne, and reduced sperm count.

For all these reasons, researchers are looking for ways to get the benefits of testosterone without the side effects. Studies in the past 7 years have shown that RAD-140 (testolone) is a safe alternative to testosterone.


Benefits of RAD-140

A 2010 study found that RAD-140 has high incubation periods in rats and monkeys. RAD-140 showed little to no influence on the prostate. Use caused a downward stimulation that did not reach significant levels. The researchers concluded that RAD-140 is a good at achieving potency selection. RAD-140 becomes fully anabolic on the muscle without negatively affecting other estrogenic activities in monkeys and rats, and acts as a potent anabolic in non-human primates. The research continued on into clinical studies with patients. RAD-140 is used for improving weight and muscle gain in patients with cancer cachexia in clinical studies[2] (Miller et al, 2010).

A 2014 study used RAD-140 to observe neuroprotective properties of RAD-140 in mice. As men age, their testosterone levels drop, which can lead to physical concerns such as muscle wasting, sexual dysfunction, and bone loss, but it can also put men at risk for diseases in androgen-responsive tissues. The study was especially concerned about brain function and the effects low testosterone levels in men affect the brain. The researchers discovered that RAD-140 matched the neuroprotective properties observed with T. They found that RAD-140 does provide androgen neuroprotection. They concluded that SARM RAD-140 can be a therapeutic option to fight age-related diseases and disorders. (Jayaraman et al, 2014).[3]


Benefits Overview:

When studied in mice and monkeys, benefits of RAD-140 include:

  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Countering risk for prostate cancers by not stimulating activity that causes enlargement
  • Improves muscle mass associated with muscle wasting disorders
  • Improves bone density
  • Targets the muscle where it is needed


Using RAD-140

RAD-140 for sale online is an oral compound. It is not an injectable compound. RAD-140 doesn’t require large doses for research. When researchers use a RAD-140 cycle, dosage can increase overtime as the body adjusts to the compound. Further research is also needed to see which compounds RAD-140 stack well with to improve muscle gain and anticipated outcomes.




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