What is YK11 SARM?

YK-11 is often referred to as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), but it is actually a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin inhibitors are responsible for slowing down or blocking the myostatin protein (MSTN gene). It has had promising results when used for research on mice.


What is Mysostin?

The MSTN gene (myostatin) is a gene that gives the blueprint for making the myostatin protein. It has been widely studied in mice, cows, and in some cases, humans.

The role of the protein is to influence the development of muscle and tissues. The importance here is that the muscles it influences are the ones used for motor and mobility, which are commonly referred to as skeletal muscle. The role of myostatin is to ensure that these muscles don’t grow too large.


Myostatin Inhibitors and Research

In 2007, researchers found that the lack of myostatin increases the growth of skeletal muscle in mice (Amthor et al, 2007).[1] The loss of skeletal muscle is a condition often referred to as cancer cachexia. This is a syndrome that causes rapid muscle loss or erosion or host cells in those who suffer from malignant cancer growths (Kern and Norton, 1988).[2]

Additional muscle wasting diseases include AIDS and muscle dystrophy, as well as waste caused by other illnesses and age.

A John Hopkins University medical researcher,  Se-Jin Lee, engineered a mouse that has earned the mouse the name “Mighty Mouse,” and has earned Lee himself an award for that recognizes his contributions for improving insight and understanding into muscle wasting diseases. Lee discovered myostatin as a hormone that regulates muscle mass and paves the way for new therapies, such as YK-11, for treating muscle wasting conditions and muscular dystrophy.

Lee’s team of researchers genetically modified a mouse so that he could do produce myostatin.  Instead of mortality, the mouse bulked up to abnormal levels. Lee discovered that myostatin inhibitors may allow the body to increase muscle mass beyond its genetic limitations.


Benefits of YK-11 and of Myostatin Inhibitors

Research of YK11 in clinical trials aims to mimic the mutation to suppress the muscle-limiting protein. In 2011, Japanese researcher Yuichiro Kanno conducted a study on YK11. The team discovered that YK11 has similar anabolic effects.

Kanno stated that YK-11 is an appropriate anabolic SARM. more importantly, Kanno found that YK11 may be a more potent alternative for inducing myogenic differentiation than DHT (Kanno et al, 2011).[3]

Researched benefits of myostatin inhibitors:

  • Allows body to increase muscle beyond genetic limitations
  • Targets muscle
  • Therapy for muscle wasting syndromes and disorders
  • Improves skeletal muscle and tissue


There is also another side of compounds such as YK-11 used in research. YK-11 is selective, which means it doesn’t affect body systems such as the endocrine system. Testosterone is an example of a therapy to treat muscle wasting that affects the hormones in the body.  Side effects of testosterone treatments may increase risk for prostate, cause breast tissue in men, smaller testes, increased body acne, and cause significant hormone swings that cause depression and anxiety.


How to Use YK-11

Unlike treatments such as testosterone, which may be directly injected into the muscle, YK-11 does not require needles. YK-11 is an oral compound that can be taken in liquid or capsule form.

When researchers find YK-11 online, they can buy in bulk to configure the correct dosage for maximum results.



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